Been here twice on trips to Bend and the meals have been outstanding both times. Very creative menu, great service, fantastic drinks. The specials menu always sticks out to me.... Constantly changing, and a creative diversity that you just don't see that often even in a region known for it's awesome food. Dare I say best Brunch I've had in the Pac NW?

Andrew Klopfenstein,

"Unique combination of ingredients that is worth the sometimes 30 min wait for a table. Not a quick in and out. Enjoy the experience!"

Philip Arnason,

"The PERFECT Eggs Benedict (the Bloody Mary is pretty good too!)."

Amber Blount,

"This place has the best breakfast in bend by far! Really good friendly service, great atmosphere, and a pretty cool vibe for a cafe. Had the proud mary which is obviously a hot topic for reviews here and it was fantastic! Best part was my kids loved it too which is not usually the case. If you haven't eaten here you should treat yourself to it at least once. Its a little bit more money but I think the value is there for the portions are huge and the quality is very high.”

Bend Visitor, Seattle, Washington

“This brunch place boasts a mean Blood Mary. And, this is exactly what'll get a super spicy hot Bloody Mary with all the fixings in a huge glass that could be about 0.5 L. Expect to find a meatball and a grilled shrimp on that skewer hanging in your Bloody Mary and your taste buds to be on major fire since they use a jalapeno infused vodka. But, the real gem that I ordered was not this Bloody Mary, it was off their Specials Menu.Their Marseilles French Toast was a nut crusted and deep fried french toast heaven floating in a berry sauce with fresh berries floating/resting about. This french toast may have been the best that I have ever had! This place also had a rather nice outdoor seating area (an nice woodsy/forest feel) but for our group we sat inside (more like a quaint cabin like feel) to enjoy our brunch.”

Michelle Hall,

"Absolutely amazing. For starters I had the 24oz bloody Mary and it was delicious. The meatball that comes with it was probably one of the best meatballs I've ever had. The entire drink alone could be a meal. But the freshness of vegetables and seasonings in my carnivore omelet, you would be crazy not to order something off of the actual menu. With excelent service to match the food I will definettly be stopping there again my next trip to Bend. "

Daniel Peterson,